Jillian Burton is a 2D mixed media artist currently based in Buffalo, NY.

Since her youth, Jillian has had a talent for creating.  After obtaining her B.A. in the State of New York she moved to Denver Colorado to gain experience working in the arts. While employed as the Event Manager of a popular art gallery in Denver Colorado (2015-2018), she was influenced to pursue her own painting career and concentrate her work on the subject of the female form.

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Jillian at the Dress Shop on Allen. First Friday, 2/7/2020

In 2018 Burton returned to New York State with newly gained devotion to her artistic career, taking up residence in Buffalo, the city in which she was raised.  In her hometown, she felt inspiration in her new found belonging to a welcoming artistic community. 

She partnered in creating artistic events that focused on the inclusion of female artists in the Western New York Area, and exhibited her work in several local art markets and exhibitions.

In late 2019, she was involved in a serious car wreck.  Her first few months of 2020 were focused on healing, but this did not deter her from her path to become a full time artist.  Instead, she spent her evenings embracing the seclusion her injury brought and focused on her powerful series A Beautiful Wreck.

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In 2020 Jillian began collaborating with printmaker/artist and founder of Nomel Arts, Rachel D’Alfonso.  With Rachel’s help, Jillian created prints of her A Beautiful Wreck series and other larger pieces.  Jillian has experienced great success by incorporated prints of her work into her artistic model. 

“Creating high quality and affordable prints of my original work has made my art easily obtainable to a diverse audience.This has allowed for me grow my network and helps to include more clientele into the conversation artists are always having with their potential buyers.I find it influential in how I create as I get to know who I am creating for.It has helped me create deeper connections with my audience and that is really what I am striving for with my work and my practice… community and inclusion.”

As an artist that is constantly seeking connection to other creatives and her audience, Jillian began to participate in non traditional art events like art markers and other pop up events.  Almost as soon as Jillian booked her place at markets for the rest of 2020, Covid-19 arrived in the U.S. and changed everything.

Like every single other artist in the world, Jillian was forced to reevaluate her career plans for 2020.  Her work suffered in the beginning of the pandemic. However, she soon found inspiration as many of her colleagues created virtual platforms to foster community and exhibit art.  She turned inward and dedicated many months to finding balance in isolation and creativity. 

Again, she found herself in collaboration with Nomel Arts, as a participant in Together Apart – A Virtual Gallery.  This grew into the exciting invitation to be a a guest for their Artist Talk Series, released at their live virtual opening party.

(Watch Jillian’s Interview with Nomel Arts’ founder Rachel D’Alfonso here)