Buffalo based artist Jillian Burton is creating art that is as bold and imperfect as she is. Deeply personal, her work is heavily influenced by her own struggles with body image.  Continually fueled by the connection it helps her form with her viewers, she aims for positivity and honesty in how she depicts the female form.  She strives to capture the private moments when a woman is simply at home in her body and feels safe with her beautiful imperfections.

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A Beautiful Wreck, 2020

A Beautiful Wreck” Series was created during a period of healing. Three days before the new year, Jillian was involved in a serious car accident. While stopped at a red light in a long line of cars on a Saturday afternoon, Jillian was struck by a drunk driver. Her car was completely totaled and she was physically injured. Instead of dwelling on how unfair of an experience she had suffered, she decided to create a beautiful series. This series is light and hopeful, focused on the concept of vulnerability and strength simultaneously.

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